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Peter Hollens' Recipe For Building A YouTube Powerhouse

Peter Hollens is an a cappella singer and producer who’s built a massive loyal following on YouTube and Patreon. With over 1.5 million subscribers and 125+ digital singles released, his videos have reached more than 250 million viewers since 2011. Hollens is on the advisory board for artist-focused companies such as Patreon, Loudr, and Tubular, and has collaborated with the likes of Brian Wilson, Jason Mraz, Hunter Hayes, Lindsey Stirling, George Watsky, and Tyler Ward.

In this Music Growth Talks episode, recorded days before Christmas, Peter Hollens shares what it took to get where he is today, and, of course, talks about his new Christmas album (which is really good!).

Peter is a goldmine of knowledge and inspiration for artists. Here are just some of the topics he covered: tips on collaboration and community building, reverse-engineering the success of others, the importance of knowing your platforms, analyzing Facebook vs. YouTube, and overcoming your fears.

Listen to this episode to also learn what mobile apps Peter Hollens uses for promotion daily, to understand how to achieve success on Patreon, and to hear what Peter would do if he started from scratch today.

Listen to the episode below:

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