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Dotted Music is a full-service digital marketing agency for the music industry. From branding, graphic design, inbound marketing, social media integration, website development and maintenance to copywriting, targeted PR and online management, Dotted Music provides leading advice and supervision for music brands of all sizes. See some examples of our previous (and current) work below.

Now, It’s Time To Get You Heard

This Is How We Do It

We build the platform, the launch pad from which you can spring.

  • Brand Identity

    It’s the logotype, name, color scheme, message, personality and quirks that the public associates with you․ We help you shape your brand․

  • Strategical Planning

    Big things happen if everyone in the team knows what to do and when․ We handcraft our strategy, based on best practices and specifics of each project․

  • Web Design

    No matter what you’ve heard, a website is not to keep people informed․ Not only․ A good website converts visitors into fans, and fans – into buyers․ All that, while looking sleek․

  • Niche PR & Partnerships

    An artist without a story that resonates with a niche audience is lost in an ocean of noise․ We know non-musical blogs and brands that want you more than Pitchfork․

  • Social Media & Email Marketing

    Modern social networking is one of the most powerful marketing tools for any musician․ If designed, optimised and maintained correctly․ Which we do․

  • Community Building

    Your fanbase is your greatest and most valuable asset․ We identify, mobilise and manage your diehard fans, who spread the word just for a piece of your attention․

  • Fan Monetization

    After acquisition and engagement comes monetisation․ We know how to make ecommerce work without the ‘sell out’ reaction of your audience․ Let fans support you directly․

  • Content Creation

    A catchy line, a neat piece of prose, or a little personal video can make a world of difference․ We help you create the content and products that will feel 100% ‘yours’․

Meet The Team

We bet this is the most efficient, well-knit location independent team you’ve ever worked with.


Andrew Apanov

Founder, self-proclaimed Musician’s Web Keeper.


Frederic Sahyouni

Our COO, a part time digital nomad.


Julien Saumande

Marketing Manager a.k.a. music producer Sibéri.


Leonid Udovenko

Graphic Designer, the agency’s strategic critic.


That’s not all

Read more about the key members of the team.

Some Of The Brands We Have Helped

Besides working directly with artists, we serve labels and management companies.

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MIDEM Marketing Competition Finalist

Find us at the biggest music business conferences. DM was a finalist at MIDEM 2015.

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