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Mastering YouTube As A Musician

Andras Bodrogi is a digital music consultant, certified YouTube expert and Google Regional Trainer with years of experience in the music industry (starting at EMI Hungary, and then launching the first music distribution company in the country). Currently his primary role is helping local YouTube partners, brands and content creators reach their goals with audio-visual content at Google Ground Budapest.

Several weeks after meeting Andras at the MENT music conference in Slovenia, I interviewed him for this WeSpin Recipes episode. And, as you could guess, it’s all about YouTube. Andras talks about different types of music-related content, video SEO tips, monetization, growing your YouTube community, and learning from successful vloggers.

Listen to the conversation to also learn where to find more free information about YouTube, and how not to name a band.

Some of the topics covered in the conversation:

  • From EMI, to own distribution company, to Google Ground.
  • Learning from the new generation of YouTubers.
  • “Watch time is golden.”
  • Types of content designed to attract new viewers.
  • “Online doesn’t work without offline.”
  • Video search engine optimization tips.
  • Monetizing your videos in a smart way.
  • Why not to block user-generated content.
  • Use YouTube’s free resources!

Listen to the episode below:

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