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How To Make Music Greener

Bas Grasmayer is a digital strategist who has held various roles in music & tech over the last decade, most recently as Product Director at IDAGIO, a music streaming service dedicated to classical music. He’s the founder of the MUSIC x TECH x FUTURE newsletter and the Music Tech Network community.

On this Music Growth Talks episode, Bas talked about one of his latest ventures, MUSIC x GREEN. Designed to “create more visibility for organisations and initiatives that make the music industry less impactful on the climate and ecology”, MUSIC x GREEN makes it easy to browse through various projects which can make music greener, without “greenwashing.”

Listen to the episode in full for the examples of how others make performing greener, and to see if moving from CDs to streaming has actually reduced music’s carbon footprint (it may not be what you expect).

Listen to the episode below:

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