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Mubert: AI Generative Music And Producers’ Future

Alexey Kochetkov is the CEO and founder of Mubert, an AI generative music app. Mubert’s algorithm creates unique audio streams from samples and loops uploaded by various electronic music producers.

Each such stream is an infinite ‘live’ track that is constantly changing in real time. Listeners of the mobile app can choose from channels based on genres (e.g. Chill, Dub Techno, Hip Hop, House) and actions (e.g. Focus, Work, Sleep, Relax).

On this Music Growth Talks episode, Alex talked about musicians’ role in the future of music AI; the increasing interest in generative music from commercial brands, games, and social media platforms; the fair monetisation model where producers earn money from the sounds they’ve uploaded; and a lot more.

Listen to the episode in full to also learn how to create a personal generative stream consisting only from your samples with Mubert.

Listen to the episode below:

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Andrew Apanov is the founder of the Dotted Music digital marketing agency, and host of the Music Growth Talks podcast.
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