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Heroic Recordings: Taking A Record Label To The Next Level

This Music Growth Talks episode features someone who we hosted on the show in the past, and who many of you know as the author of The SoundCloud Bible book – namely Budi Voogt.

Budi, who’s also the founder of Heroic Recordings, returned to the podcast to talk about the impressive recent growth of the company, his upcoming music business course, and SoundCloud (and if you should keep using it).

Listen to the show to learn the exciting story of the Heroic’s artist, San Holo, and how he achieved a lot of success in a short period of time; find out what Budi is looking for in artists before signing them (besides their music); hear insights on the SoundCloud monetization, the Music Marketing Academy, and much more.

Some of the topics covered in the conversation:

  • Heroic Recordings: the growing empire.
  • Characteristics of a highly successful music producer.
  • The course Budi is working on right now.
  • “Continuity is essential.”
  • What’s new in the second edition of The SoundCloud Bible.
  • Should you still use SoundCloud?
  • The current state of SoundCloud from a business perspective.
  • How much will you earn monetizing your music on SoundCloud?

Listen to the episode below:

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Andrew Apanov is the founder of the Dotted Music digital marketing agency, and host of the Music Growth Talks podcast.
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