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DistroKid's Philip Kaplan on Making Music Distribution Simple

Philip Kaplan is a serial entrepreneur whose first widely known project was the Fucked Company blog, mocking failed startups after the dot-com bubble in 2000. Philip has since founded numerous successful companies, including AdBrite, TinyLetter (now acquired by MailChimp), a social networking website for musicians Fandalism, and DistroKid, an independent digital music distribution platform.
On this Music Growth Talks podcast, recorded a week before I moderated a fireside chat with Philip Kaplan at the Slush Music conference in Helsinki, the DistroKid founder explained how the service was different from other distributors, and how they’re managing to release around 1,200 albums each day with just 8 people in the team.

Listen to the episode to learn how much time it actually takes for your music to appear on digital music platforms, what “Leave a Legacy” feature is and what it has to do with your mortality, and how Philip got endorsements from the founders of his two biggest competitors.

BONUS! At the end of the conversation, Philip created a discount link for our listeners, giving 20% off your first year membership. Claim it by signing up at

Listen to the episode below:

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