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Why & When You Need A Recording Studio

In this podcast episode I talk to Sean Giovanni, the founder of The Record Shop Recording Studio and Balcony TV Nashville. It’s an interesting look in the world of recording studios and the legendary Nashville market – as you will learn from the show, the home to Country music has been going through a lot of musical changes lately (largely due to the growing popularity of electronic music).
As for a record studio, what is its role in musicians’ lives these days? Why do you need one, how to pick a good one, and how will you recoup an investment in it? Giovanni’s got a great realistic and practical approach to the topic, and in this chat he shared a lot of useful tips that will help any musician who is new to the world of music studios to make the right decision.
And of course, chances are high you’ve heard of Balcony TV. But did you know Giovanni was the first to launch the show in the US? And if you don’t know much about the project yet, you will hear all the details from Giovanni himself.
Some of the topics covered in the conversation:
  • The role of a recording studio in a world where music can be produced on a laptop.
  • Thinking of the business before going to a studio.
  • Influence of EDM on Country, Pop and Rock genres.
  • What knowledge you can earn by working with a recording studio.
  • Getting inspired from the studio environment.
  • A check list for hiring a recording studio and/or a music producer.
  • Nashville is not only about Country and Americana these days.
  • The story of launching Balcony TV in the US.
  • How artists for Balcony TV are picked.
Listen to the episode below:
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Show Notes:

Andrew Apanov is the founder of the Dotted Music digital marketing agency, and host of the Music Growth Talks podcast.
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