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The 3 Most Important Things In Music Contracts

Sander Petit is an experienced Dutch entertainment lawyer, specializing in dance music copyright law. A DJ himself, Sander works with producers, booking agents, managers, and publishers, and shares his vast knowledge in a DJ Mag column, as well as other respected music publications.

I met Sander at Dancefair 2016, where he hosted a session titled “Legal 101: Making or Breaking the Deal”. This WeSpin Recipes episode, recorded a month later, includes a ton of practical legal advice from Sander Petit – applicable to musicians in any territories, and in any genres. What to watch out for in a contract to close a good deal, even if you can’t hire a lawyer? How to avoid losing control over your intellectual property? Who to have in your team? Sander’s got these questions covered.

Listen to this episode to also learn the reasons you may want to show a recording agreement or a booking agency contract you are about to sign to a lawyer, after all, and how to properly exit a deal you don’t want to be in anymore.

Some of the topics covered in the conversation:

  • The popularity of EDM: good, bad, neither?
  • Know the different types of rights.
  • Two sides of your team: business and creative.
  • Remember, you can always negotiate a contract.
  • Benefits of collective rights management companies.
  • Things to beware in contracts with booking agents.
  • The six questions to ask before signing a contract.
  • How to end a collaboration with someone the right way.
  • What can work as a contract (if there is no formal contract).

Listen to the episode below:

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