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Growth Hacking Your Music Career

Have you heard the term “Growth Hacker” before? If no, this Music Growth Talks podcast episode is definitely for you. And if you have, now you will also learn if the Growth Hacking concept works in the world of music.

Clyde Smith, the founder of Flux Research, Dance Land, Crowdfunding for Musicians and an ex-Senior Contributor at Hypebot, was among the first to ever cover the topic of Growth Hacker Marketing in the context of the music industry. “Growth Hacker Marketing” is the name of Ryan Holiday’s book, by the way, who Clyde also interviewed for Hypebot last year.

In this 30th episode of our podcast, you will get the basic understanding of Growth Hacking, its origins, and why it’s a mindset, and not a set of tools. While we mainly covered the basics and theory of the subject, you will see how to start applying this highly effective mindset to your music career today.

Some of the topics covered in the conversation:

  • Clyde Smith’s Background: Dance, Music, and Online Marketing
  • So, what is Growth Hacking?
  • How traditional marketing is different from growth hacking
  • The challenges of applying Growth Hacking to music
  • Product/Market Fit in music?
  • What to measure (and the “one key metric” concept)
  • Examples of Growth Hacking that works against you
  • How to improve the “MP3 for email” giveaway hack
  • “Fast following”
  • How much do you want to grow? (and are you ready to grow?

Listen to the episode below:

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Andrew Apanov is the founder of the Dotted Music digital marketing agency, and host of the Music Growth Talks podcast.
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