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Radio Promotion 101

This Music Growth Talk Recipes podcast episode features our conversation with D Grant Smith, a Growth Farmer (listen to the show to see what “growth farming” stands for), professionally coaching musicians and entrepreneurial businesses. He’s been showcasing unsigned artists since 2003 as the Syndicated Host of The Appetizer Radio Show, and now released a book on radio promotion called “The DIY Musician’s Radio Handbook”.

In this show, D Grant talked on the role and influence of public radio, the ways (not) to pitch your music, building strong relationships with the industry contacts, the importance of having a great sound and knowing who you sound like, the questions to ask a publicist or a radio plugger you want to hire, and much more.

Listen to the show to see why there is no such thing as an “overnight success,” and hear one of D Grant’s most important rules of radio promotion.

Some of the topics covered in the conversation:

  • The state of radio.
  • From a one-sheet PDF to a full-scale book.
  • Thinking of public radio listeners as the stations’ stockholders.
  • Human vs. machine music curation.
  • Know who you sound like.
  • “Overnight success” is a fairy tale.
  • Tips on finding a good radio plugger.

Listen to the episode below:

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Andrew Apanov is the founder of the Dotted Music digital marketing agency, and host of the Music Growth Talks podcast.
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