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Recording, Mixing, And Sharing With Spire By iZotope

Spire Recorder is a new mobile app by iZotope, an Emmy Award-winning audio tech company famous for its products like Ozone and RX. The free iPhone application is a 4-track recorder, which offers performing musicians the ability to quickly record, mix, and share songs.

In this Music Growth Talkss episode, Stacey Dyer, the Creative Strategist at iZotope, talks about the digital signal processing technology that powers Spire, explains who the app will be most useful for, and shows several pro tricks on getting the most out of it.

Listen to the conversation to also learn how the recorder app can be used as a source of engaging audio content for your social networks, and how to be noticed by iZotope through using Spire.

Some of the topics covered in the conversation:

  • What’s so special about Spire and who is it for?
  • “A little version of Ozone in your pocket.”
  • Examples of how the app can be used.
  • Hidden features of Spire.
  • The mixing screen and XY Pad.
  • What’s coming up next for the app.
  • Tagging Spire on social media to be noticed by iZotope.

Listen to the episode below:

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Andrew Apanov is the founder of the Dotted Music digital marketing agency, and host of the Music Growth Talks podcast.
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