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Amadeus Code: Your AI Songwriting Assistant

Taishi Fukuyama is a co-founder and COO of Amadeus Code, an AI-powered songwriting assistant. The technology behind this mobile app breaks “centuries of melodies” down into constituent parts and transforms them into data, allowing the tool to generate an endless stream of melody.

Constantine Roussos, the founder and CEO of DotMusic, shared with us the complicated history of the project, the numerous challenges they face prior to launching the domain next year, explained how artists will be verifying their identities, and commented on the security measures designed to protect creators’ rights (and fight cybersquatting or piracy).

Listen to the episode in full to learn how to claim your .music domain today, the potential cost of registering, why Constantine doesn’t recommend using it as a redirect to your existing website, and more.

Listen to the episode below:

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