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Budi Voogt On What Makes Electronic Music Industry Different

What is so special and different about the electronic music business, compared to other music markets? The differences are not always obvious, but there is a number, and they have to be addressed.
In this conversation with Budi Voogt, a founder of Heroic Recordings and author of The Soundcloud Bible ebook, we discussed the specifics of electronic and dance music industry, and what producers and DJs need to keep in mind to succeed. This podcast may very well be interesting to artists in other genres as well.
Among covered topics:
  • Importance and role of an indie label in electronic music
  • Digital distribution and stores specialising in dance music
  • Genres that are dominant on Beatport
  • Licensing and income streams beyond selling music and touring
  • Is it as easy to tour for a DJ as many think?
  • Is vinyl on the rise?
  • Advantages of being able to release music frequently
Listen to the episode below
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