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Noella Wiyaala, better known as Wiyaala, is a singer/songwriter from the Upper West, infusing the giant pop sounds of David Foster with the modern funk and flair of Janelle Monae. Wiyaala’s name, Wiyaala, literally translates to “the doer” in Sissala, her tribal language in which she sings alongside English, and perfectly describes her approach to life. She is an artist, designer, actress, model, natural athlete, and an ambassador of African culture. Wiyaala is also known for standing up for women’s rights, having a very distinctive androgynous image herself. She would often get called “man-woman” by the boys in grade school but would also be the first to lead the boys and girls into the bushes for wild hunts. Wiyaala is indeed, “The Young Lioness of Africa”.

What was possibly missing from this very visibly powerhouse of an artist? Wiyaala already had the look, the sound, and the sass but she needed something more, broader. What Dotted Music was able to give her were the resources to take the Wiyaala brand international.


The first thing Dotted Music worked on was refining the brand identity: highlighting Wiyaala’s image in a compelling form, developing a logotype, website, social media designs and various branded graphics.

Dotted Music then worked closely with digital distributor JTV Digital to create a strategy on reaching new audiences in Europe, the US and all over the world, positioning Wiyaala as “The Young Lioness of Africa.” With this new distinct image, we initiated PR outreach, targeting Africa-, women-, and LGBT-centric media sources. Wiyaala’s nickname has been quite catchy, having her stories and interviews picked up by sites from several countries around the world.

Surrounding Wiyaala’s release of the “Make Me Dance” EP, Dotted Music was able to get her features on Deezer, Mi2N, iPluggers, and premiere the EP on Plug.dj (read the feature).

This is an ongoing project. More details will be added to this story shortly.

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