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PLAYMA is a dubstep, drum & bass, glitch hop band originating from Russia and France. Originally consisting of three members (now a duo), already established in their own genres, it was a mixture fated to succeed. Immediately signed to the legendary Audioporn Records, with later releases on Play Me, Mainframe, Hardcore Beats and the likes, the group needed a professional image and an effective web presence.


Dotted Music started working with the act almost from day one of its existence, creating a brand reflecting the unique PLAYMA‘s look and sound, with a Virb-based website, social network profiles and marketing campaigns designed to drive attention to the band and grow its fanbase.

Besides running social media promotions, Dotted Music utilised the Topspin platform to maximise results from all marketing activities.

Throughout several months Dotted Music was creating a constant flow of visual content to engage with the band’s audience, which included shooting a music video, iPhone and desktop wallpapers and more.

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