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OnlyBoots is an aspiring EDM artist based in Los Angeles, California. Alex, the man behind OnlyBoots, couldn’t afford to spend several years going down the “traditional” road of a dance producer – writing a lot of tracks, being released on small labels, then moving onto bigger labels in hopes to be noticed by someone influential – only to see if his project was truly what he wanted to focus all his energy on.

With the boom of electronic music genres (dubstep, progressive house, etc.) summed up as “EDM” in the US and the accessibility of tools for producing, the market has become extremely saturated and harder than any other genre to distinguish yourself from competitors.

Dotted Music decided to find a way to let OnlyBoots build an initial fanbase sooner.


Noticing the artist’s interest in Internet culture and specifically memes, it was decided to present his music – essentially just good-quality dubstep and electro tracks – as a “culture-driven brand of EDM.” Knowing that dance music is most popular among youth, it felt like a natural fit to find fans of OnlyBoots’ music among admirers of modern pop culture.

The OnlyBoots image has been visualised with the use of a non-standard logo, freaky colors and graphics including the recognisable troll faces. The newly created website, built on the Squarespace platform, has been decorated in the corresponding style, and OnlyBoots’ new photo shoot highlighted his enthusiasm for Internet memes.

Dotted Music developed a strategy on finding new fans among the chosen audience. This included the release of OnlyBoots’ “Internet Friends” EP – consisting of three tracks, each dedicated to a popular meme. Dotted Music executed a niche PR campaign to promote the release, targeting brands related to fashion, footwear, internet culture, and the likes.

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