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Free From Gravity is a UK-based band inspired by classic rock acts like The Eagles, Pink Floyd & U2, lead by Vince Barnes (Lead Vocals). Vince has a rich life experience and some unique stories to tell, which is shown through the intimate and often heart-warming songs and lyrics.

As a vivid example, the song ”The Long Road” from Free From Gravity’s upcoming album I Have A Dream was written by Vince Barnes as a dedication to his mother’s battle and survival from cancer. It is a touching song, well recorded and produced and has a very emotional video to go with it. “The Long Road” is also a live event to happen in 2014, with proceeds to be donated to Yes To Life, a charity dedicated to the support and care of cancer sufferers and their families.

Besides the music, Free From Gravity spreads a message about the importance of alternative cancer treatments. What the band needed to be heard though is the right presentation, and a promotional strategy.


Dotted Music began with refining the image of the band, which prior was inconsistent and vague. After creating the logotype, new website, social media graphics and cover artwork for the single, Dotted Music moved on to presenting The Long Road story so it helps people fight the disease.

From sharing a video interview and diaries of Val Richards, Vince’s mother who survived cancer, to giving away an eBook about the alternative cancer treatments (written by Vince Barnes), the email capture funnel and marketing campaign has been built to target the demographic of 30-60 age group – “baby boomers” and their children, most of whom will be directly affected by cancer.

Due to Vince’s writing abilities, Dotted Music has been supplied with a constant stream of original content, that has been distributed via Free From Gravity blog and social media profiles.

This is an ongoing project. More details will be added to this story shortly.

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