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When you combine three tattooed men from Finland, an upright bass, enthusiasm for punk rock and B-horror movies, you get a load of horror punk from hell… Or a trio named Flesh Roxon. During the first year of their existence, Flesh Roxon has been refining their act at live shows as well as in the studio. Their hard work has paid off, as the band caught the attention of the record label Live Nation. As a result, Flesh Roxon’s debut album, oozing poor quality horror, good quality punk rock and “beautiful male bodies,” was released in early 2013.

By the time Dotted Music started working on the project, Flesh Roxon already had a logotype, great photos and a bio, as well as two music videos out. Most importantly, they had a unique USP (all things horror and zombies). The brand wasn’t presented online well though, and didn’t have much recognition outside of Finland.


The first thing Dotted Music worked on was creating a website, social media graphics and bringing all web properties to a consistent look. As a part of the process, a Wikipedia page for the band was created.

The real challenge was in making the band known outside of their native country, where they already built a small, but loyal following. Initial outreach to music-focused outlets in the US, UK and beyond didn’t bring much results, so instead Dotted Music focused on what differentiated Flesh Roxon the most — enthusiasm for cheap horror.

In just two months Dotted Music secured numerous features on blogs dedicated to horror movies, presenting the band to a niche and interested audience, not typically featuring musical acts on their sites. Exploring other entertainment markets, Dotted Music partnered with Noodlecake Studios, publisher of a chart-topping mobile game Zombie Road Trip. The agency and the app’s developer Spokko Games designed a special bundle, containing a Flesh Roxon-branded vehicle, chainsaw launcher weapon and two songs playing in the background (titled “Lonely Rider” and “Suck My Chainsaw,” making it a particularly good fit). The package has been made available in exchange for a Like of the band’s Facebook page, and was included in the app’s Halloween update. The feature brought Flesh Roxon 50,000 new fans in two weeks, with the viral reach exceeding 150,000. Besides that, a Kiip platform was used inside the Zombie Road Trip app to offer an Amazon redeem code for any song from the Flesh To The Bone album to reward users’ achievements inside the game.

At around the same time Zombie Road Trip was released, Dotted Music and EXМ Games had developed a separate dedicated game called Flesh Roxon’s Zombie Rock, available for free on Google Play for Android-powered mobile and tablet devices. The straightforward arcade shooter features the three members of the band hand-drawn by Dotted Music’s design team as zombies, which the player kills using various weapons, fixing health by picking up beer bottles. The game was built not only to engage the existing and new (coming from Zombie Road Trip and other channels) audience, but to increase the search rankings for the “Zombie Rock” key phrase.

Zombie Road Trip & Flesh Roxon Demo

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