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One From Many is an alternative rock band from Portland, OR. They had all the key components of a successful act: talented experienced musicians, an album recorded at London Bridge Studios (by a team whose credits include 3 Doors Down, Nickelback, and Katy Perry), a supportive indie label (Olea Records), and endorsements from the likes of Gibson and Breedlove. The only thing missing was the fan base big enough to pack their live shows, and to get their music and merchandise sold.


For Dotted Music, what clearly distinguished the band from the myriad of other musical acts was OFM’s unique social philosophy, equating the band and their fans. Essentially, each fan is a part of the band, as without the fans, there would be no band.

Dotted Music took this concept further, helping One From Many members to share candid stories of their lives and “The Alleged Album”, their LP, emphasising uniqueness of each human being and positioning OFM as the band created truly for the fans. Instead of building an impersonal “fan base,” the agency and the band started to grow a community, “The Many Family.”

Dotted Music refined the band’s website, implementing an ecommerce system and effective lead capturing system. The “get a free MP3 in exchange of your email address” concept was taken further, with the fans being offered a whole bundle of free content, including ringtones, lyric sheets, time-limited store discounts, free bonus tracks and exclusive video interviews with the band, sent to subscribers as a series of personal emails within two weeks after signing up. By receiving the last email in the series, a “cold” listener either becomes more loyal to the band or unsubscribes, which automatically allows the list to stay relevant.

Among numerous targeted PR campaigns, email marketing, online sales, continuous social media and website maintenance and assisting with local tour promotion, Dotted Music set up an ongoing interactive Instagram challenge. All photos of the fans or the band tagged with #themany appear on the home page of OFM’s website, and the best photos are highligted on the social media profiles and in a weekly newsletter. Over 100 photos have been submitted in three months.

One From Many has been hand-picked for the Grooveshark Artists platform, and Dotted Music worked closely with Grooveshark to get the maximum out of the provided features, which included several home page spots and geo-targeted tour banners and brought the band over 50,000 unique listeners.

This is an ongoing project.


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